WHAT IS CrossFit ? 

CrossFit is the most efficient, effective and safe way to achieve fitness. It aims to develop and optimise physical competence in the ten recognised domains of fitness. These are: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.


CrossFit is a principal strength and conditioning program for many tactical operations teams, military special units and anyone and everyone after general fitness. The CrossFit program is designed with universal scalability which means we use the same routines for elderly individuals, the every day individuals who wants to be able to play sports in the park with their kids, to the elite athlete. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. We change the load and intensity not the program. The program is perfect for anyone who wants to be committed to a program and with your commitment you will become leaner, stronger, faster, fitter and happier– regardless of experience or condition at present.


Unlike traditional programs CrossFit offers a consistently varied program. You will rarely do the same routine twice; routine is the enemy! It is based on functional exercise because functional movement is the way our bodies were designed to move. Functional movements were not invented by anyone and are the way you are meant to move! These functional movements are all executed at high intensity ensuring that you are training to perform at your best. The greatest aspect of high intensity training is that is doesn’t last as long as many traditional programs. Some crossfit workouts last as little as 5 minutes or less.

Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. 

CrossFit focus on three main training areas; metcons (cardio), Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics. We put them all together. We involve all aspects or one or two of the main training areas,. We change volume, repetitions, weights, movement, everything! We have general benchmarks that you will see come up and we do hero WOD’s (named after fallen Soldiers). There are thousands of ways that we change all of the elements around to get the best from you.

We use Olympic lifts such as cleans, presses, strict, push and jerk, deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, squats, front squats, overhead squats, snatches. Metcons include everything from rowing, running biking, skipping and gymnastics. Anything that involves your body from squats, dips, push ups, lunges, hand stands, hand stand walking, burpees, pull ups, muscle ups ring rows to name just a few as well.

You will not find CrossFitters using a lat pull-down machine or sitting on a leg curl machine. You will not find them sitting at a mirror doing biceps curls. You will not find a CrossFit gym setup with cable machine setup; it's just not our way! We use but are not limited to barbells, rings, ropes, bars, kettle bells, bands, balls, dumbbells, GHD (glute ham developer), paralettes, boxes and more! You will learn to love every minute of it.

Everyone can do CrossFit, but CrossFit isn't for everyone. It is bloody hard work! There is no walking on the treadmill with headphones in whilst watching your built in LCD TV! The people who thrive from CrossFit are committed to hard work, dedicated to consistency, will try anything without fear of failure, and are eager for the challenge.

If you let it, it will take you to levels of strength, stamina, fitness and confidence you never thought possible.

It is difficult to describe and explain CrossFit in writing CrossFit is not only a program it is a way of life. We are a community of motivated people who are achieving results and finding challenges daily and CrossFit brings this all together for us. There is nothing like the feeling of completing a WOD that you didn’t think was possible but you push through, and you see it through to the end. It is a total commitment to getting results. It can be frustrating and annoying but the sense of achievement you get when you do something that you never thought possible 3 months before walking in the door will stay with you until you come across the next challenge. You have to be willing to learn, and leave your ego at the door. 

CrossFit will give you increased capacity, meaning you will have a superior ability to work harder and stronger. It will enable you to do this across broad time, so that no matter how long the physical demand lasts, you will be able to do what you have to do regardless of the physical demand placed on you, and best of all, you will do it well! 

 "Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc"



At CrossFit 4810 we understand that everyone comes in on a different fitness and work out experience but regardless of where you have come from, what you have done in the past our course is designed to give you a understanding of Crossfit and the safe movements involved, our program is designed to be suitable for all fitness levels, all of our movement will be introduced to you gradually and will become more challenging as your fitness improves after completing our Prep course you will have the confidence and the knowledge to start your path to incredible success.

Our attention on being effective at coaching our clients to move efficiently to realize their athletic potential and achieve their fitness goals as quickly as possible.

To ensure that all of our clients are provided with every opportunity to succeed, we require everyone to who gets started at CrossFit 4810 in one of two ways; Our Prep program Program or Private Coaching

Our classes consist of 2 weeks training on 6 separate occasion and guaranteed to be small so that we ensure you get the personal attention that you deserve to perfect your movements and learn the CrossFit methods in a controlled and welcoming environment.

You will be required to attend all 6 sessions before joining our Group WODS


You can expect the unexpected! Every training day is a new day, with a new challenge. Since we work for fitness not just to look good in the mirror (just a pleasant by product of the work we do). We use Barbells, Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Polymetric Jumping Boxes, Rowers & Dumbells and a lot of other stuff…..By making our focus on strength and work capacity we build actual strength, endurance, cardio, which in turn you can then translate and use in real life situations, we make you mentally strong as well as functionally strong.


No – you must do the INTRODUCTION TO CROSSFIT class first, if after this time you feel that CrossFit is not for you then you are not locked into any long term contracts – you are more then welcome to come and watch a class and come down and speak with any one of our coaches on site to get a feel for the box but we warn you, you will never look back.